There’s Something About Lawnmowers. Brought To You By CERB.

It’s noon. Curtains drawn, dark. Monday. I think it’s “nice” outside, don’t want to look. Ketamine sings and bleeds through my brain. I cant really tell if my eyes are open or closed. I’m tired, but sleep isn’t what I need. Nothing hurts. The coffee is cold but it tastes good. I don;t know how they went to work this morning, but at the same time… I know exactly how.

There’s something about lawnmowers. The drone takes me back to a time when I had few cares. My older brother mowed the lawn, mostly. Maybe that was the last time I felt ok. I cant reconcile the comfort of the sound with what is actually causing it.

At some point, I began to see things as maybe, the sum of their parts? It’s hardly revolutionary thought, but I won’t be easily disabused of the notion that lawnmowers (not to be confused with lawn mowers), are dumb. It’s very much a matter of finding the solution to the problem you do not have.

We can make tiny machines that can spin implements very fastly! You build, they come. Now everyone can have a lawn! I remain unconvinced that the lawnmower was a necessary step towards some kind of collective self actualization.

Hey, yes, I’m some kind of petrolhead. I even had a punctuated tryst with the LawnBoy. Intoxicated by the smell of fresh cut green grass, the fumes of exhaust and fuel, the supersaturated greens and blues of summer, it’s easy to get a little wet, no? We’re only human, if not all aluminum/magnesium… stamped steel. Amirite?

How many lawnmowers? They are ubiquitous. But, so is grass, right? I’m not sure that last sentence would pass on an English test. Grass cutting machines are becoming nearly as prolific as grass itself. Never has so much been wreaked for so little. Well, that’s probably not at all accurate. I just can’t resist the drama.

The mowers went silent an hour or more ago, and my train of thought suffered for it. Why? Someone, please start mowing. As if by magic, as I typed it… not one mower, but two! I can think again. Why do I long for that annoying, destructive, drone?

Never mind, I’ll inject more ketamine into my… constitution, and sally forth. To the point. How much destruction has been wrought (I wanted to use wreaked and wrought today, challenge complete. First draft had them together, but they were thusly sawn asunder. It actually hurt me to write that.) o’er a blade of grass. I think that lawnmowers are a microcosm of us.

Thank you to the CERB for contributing to Canadian artists, allowing them to buy drugs and have the time to use them for the betterment of society.

How To Buy Drugs On Dark Markets- Canadian Edition!

Draft, please find me on twitter @FathomsSix to let me know what changes need to be made…

So, you want to be able to buy drugs on the internet, but don’t have a clue where to start? If you live in Canada, this is going to be your guide to safely procuring substances on the dark markets. It will be similar for other countries, with the exception of how you obtain your bitcoin.

I’m a firm believer that sourcing drugs on the dark market is a big jump in harm reduction, as compared to trying to find them locally. If you have a good local connect, carry on. If you were like me though, I didn’t know where to go. This method will make you essentially self sufficient, allowing you to obtain whatever you need.

The biggest thing for most people to get over is fear. For the average user buying for their own personal supply, there’s nothing to worry about here in Canada. This is especially true when ordering from Canadian vendors, where customs inspections are eliminated.

The other intimidating part is dealing with purchasing bitcoin and using the required security procedures for moving the money and communicating on the market. I’m not going to say it’s easy enough for anyone to do, but it’s a lot easier than you think.

I’m going to do this in 2 parts, and tie it together at the end. It’s a bit more meandering, but it will allow you to get on the market and look around right away, and if it looks appealing, the next part will focus on moving the money. I will tell you up front a few things you’ll need.


Mozilla Firefox:

TOR Browser (this is the secure browser that works as an add-on to firefox):

GPG4USB (this is one of many programs you can use that will encrypt/decrypt info. This is probably not the best GPG program, but it’s tiny and easy to use):

That’s it for software, start downloading.

You’ll need to open some accounts, you can keep this to a minimum. You’ll need an account on whatever market you choose. It’s not much different than any other market like ebay or amazon, except they require much less info.

You’ll need a bank account that can make e-transfers.

You will need to open an account with a broker that will allow you to purchase bitcoin. Some cities have ATMs you can use to buy bitcoin. It’s getting easier and easier to buy bitcoin. I’m going to set you up the way I do it, but you might find something easier. The thing with almost any bitcoin broker, is that it’s a legitimate service and will require you provide a scan of a utility bill (proof of address), and scans of usually 2 pieces of ID. This puts a lot of folks off, but there’s nothing nefarious about it. Lots of people are buying bitcoin for legitimate use (most, actually) and the broker has no way of knowing what you’re doing with it. It can all be done online now, you don’t have to talk to anyone. Go to Coinsquare and follow the steps to open a basic account:

You can have all this setup in a couple days, it usually takes 48hrs to setup the bitcoin trading account. Everything else is pretty much instant. So, are you ready to buy some drugs?

I’m assuming you might already have firefox on your computer, if not, start there by downloading at this link:

Next, download and install TOR Browser:

GPG4USB, don’t worry if this one seems confusing at first. Just download it for now, we’ll get back to it:

Setup accounts on some dark markets. Because of the nature of the dark web, market addresses often change. To get current addresses, go to (or preferably http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/ on Tor Browser) to get current market status and active links. One of the most popular and secure is empire market:


If this empire link doesn’t work (they rotate frequently), please add /ref/1998616 to the end of the active link if you want to use my referral code. That helps me a lot.

Also check out this canadian only market: http://canadahq2lo3logs.onion/?i=42990

Note: if you use the referral link, and actually buy anything, it helps me out. By doing so, I get a small cut of the fees charged to the vendors on each sale. You don’t have to do it, but I appreciate it if you do!

If this was helpful, please consider a donation in bitcoin to 1xAXUJcGy63Qj7jb25Zt1hfPYfv1Wimsj or paypal after you’ve had a chance to try it all out.

At this point you can start perusing the markets to see if it’s something you want to try out. Like any online market, pricing, reviews and ratings are all worth looking at very carefully. Not everyone will ship to Canada, especially with the closed borders of the pandemic, so you can filter your searches by ship to/from locations. Obviously the Canadian market will eliminate this need.

You don’t need to worry about security yet, there’s no money involved. If you want to get this show on the road, we need to do 2 things. Open a broker account, and get you setup with a PGP key for security.

Don’t freak out, it’s easy to do. In laymans terms, a PGP key allows a couple of important things. First, you can communicate with people fully encrypted, and second, it makes your market account virtually unhackable. We’ll get back to that, you’ll want to start by opening the broker account. It’s free, and it just takes a bit of time to get verified. While you’re waiting, you can get used to using PGP keys.

Install and run gpg4usb, there will be a function to create your own keys. It’s under the key menu, key management, key, generate key. Follow the instructions, DO NOT USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS!!! Your email address will be visible in the key, which is great for legitimate purposes, but you don’t want that here. Make up an email address, it won’t matter if it’s fake because there will be no email communications here.

The program will generate a public key, and a private key. Put them both somewhere safe, in a document. The keys are long strings of characters and it’s important that they aren’t altered at all. Your private key will be added to the program and password protected, you really shouldn’t need to access your private key beyond this. Your public key will be needed to be entered (pasted) into the PGP key section of your profile on the market.

Why? Adding your public key does 2 things. It enables 2 factor authentication for login, or 2fa. You may have encountered 2fa before in different forms, such as receiving a code by text or email to confirm a login attempt to a website. Once you enable your PGP login, whenever you login to the market, the market automatically reads your public key, and responds with a message that ONLY you can decrypt with your private key. It will contain a message with a code that you have to enter to login to the website. Even if someone had your password and username, they can’t access your account without your PGP private key.

The other way it works is it allows vendors to send you messages that only you can decrypt. By using your public key, the vendor encrypts the message, and you decrypt it with your private key. You’ll use this same method, in reverse to send sensitive info to the vendor. This ensures that even if the market were compromised by law enforcement, there would be only useless encrypted data. The only way law enforcement could get your data is if they were the vendor.

Once you get your key setup, you can practice logging in and using your PGP program to decrypt data. If you want to send a message to a vendor, or make a purchase, the markets have a built in service that will encrypt your address using the vendor’s key. It must be encrypted or most vendors will reject your order. While you can use the service, I strongly recommend you download the vendor’s public key, add it to your keychain, and encrypt it on your PGP program. It’s a couple extra steps, but it’s the trusting the absolute security of the market to save a couple of minutes. If you decrypt your address in your own program, it’s impossible for it to be accessed in transit to the vendor.

Once your account with the broker is setup, send an e-transfer for a modest amount to get started. Keep in mind that there are tiny fees for transferring and buying bitcoin, and the value of bitcoin fluctuates, so it’s best to pad your deposit so you have enough. This system works, but it’s not cheap. You can’t have it all. Your first e-transfer will have a hold on it, 3 days probably, then you can buy bitcoin. If you’re lucky, it will go up after you buy it and you’ll get a little bonus. If not… well, you padded it, right?

On your market account, click on the tab that says “balance” or “deposit”, and it will either generate an address or there will be a button to generate an address. You can, and I have in regular practice, copied that market address directly into my broker withdrawal form, sending the BTC directly to the market. There are ways you can obfuscate this transaction, adding a wallet in between, and I’ll tell you how to do that also, but is it necessary? Some will tell you it is. If you’re moving thousands of dollars, it’s a good idea. There is very little that can easily be traced to a BTC address. They are generated at random, you can use it once, and never again. As you get more savvy and paranoid about larger purchases, we can make it more complex, but this is about getting started.

Make sure the address is copied exactly. If you use the wrong address, it’s gone. This will never not make you nervous, unless you’re insane. It can take hours for the money to arrive, but it’s usually in minutes. You’ve already picked out what you want, click purchase.

Once you purchase, your money goes into escrow. This means the vendor doesn’t get it until you receive your goods. This prevents you from getting ripped off. It’s simple, and it works well. Once you’ve clicked “buy”, this is the part I recommend pasting the vendor key into your PGP program and encrypting it yourself. Send the encrypted address, and you’ll get a shipping confirmation. Don’t expect a tracking number, and don’t ask for one unless it doesn’t show up in the allotted timeframe. Unnecessary tracking is an OPSEC issue, and a headache for the vendor.

This is meant to be a bare-bones, get the drugs in my hands NOW tutorial. Much like my cocaine washing tutorial, there may be better ways to do it, but by adding layers of extra complication, it becomes a job that simply doesn’t get done. This is how I get my supplies, this is how I do it. I was a vendor on the dark market, and during those times I took several extra precautions, some of which are still in place but for the most part, they are unnecessary.

Someone is going to tell you “you need a vpn, you need to tumble your coins, you need this or that” and they’ll have good reasons for it. I’m not going to argue, I’m just telling you this works, is safe and secure.

If this was helpful, please consider a donation in bitcoin to 1xAXUJcGy63Qj7jb25Zt1hfPYfv1Wimsj or paypal Thanks!

I’m Still Not Dead.

I’m alive, but it’s been a rough couple of months, not at all what I’d hoped. I haven’t checked email or comments since I last posted. I’m having a hard time with consistency, and I’m not sure why. I’m starting to wonder if this is helping me, or anyone. There’s something going on, I don’t know what, but I get into these periods of self isolation, even before it was trendy or necessary. I don’t respond to texts, don’t check email, voicemail is turned off. It doesn’t help with the anxiety though. I don’t get it. Anyway, I’m starting to pick at the scab again, then I’ll be back until I’m gone. I hope everyone is well…

I Got Laid, And Not In The Good Way.

Well, folks… I’ve just been laid off. Precisely in the middle of my training program, we’ve been shut down due to COVID19. The official reason was given as safety reasons, but the reality is that a good portion of the company’s regular staff at it’s 40+ dealerships have also been laid off. The stooges who laid me off suggested that we might be back in 3 weeks. I don’t know if they believed themselves, but I sure as hell don’t believe we’ll be back inside a couple of months.

Just because this is my life, the day after getting my layoff notice, I was contacted by a wonderful lady who was renting out her basement apartment. I went to see the place last weekend, and although it’s not the luxury apartment I was living in 5 years ago, it was pretty fucking great; and just in budget. Just. If I’m lucky enough to get my employment insurance in a timely fashion, and qualify for the maximum amount, I’ll get 55% of my income.

Napkin math goes like this: take home pay is $450 week. Rent would have been $1,000/month, including heat, water and power. The numbers there conveniently work out to show that just my housing cost would be 55% of my income. My entire income from employment insurance would be gone. Forget groceries, transportation, insurance, healthcare… everything.

If you think $1,000/month sounds expensive, it is. The vacancy rate here in Halifax, Canada is less than 1%. By some estimates, affordable housing vacancy rates are close to 0.4%. Depending on where you get your data, the average one bedroom rental in the city is anywhere between $1,100-$1,500.

The cost of rentals in this area is terribly disproportionate to the average incomes. With a minimum wage under $13/hr and a dearth of jobs, Halifax is a hard place to live for the average person. So, a $1,000/month inclusive apartment is probably equivalent to $700/month + utilities. Try finding a place for $600-$700/month in Halifax. Yes, they exist. Can you find one, and would you want to live there?

I’ve been trying for a long time to make “right” and “good” decisions for some time. Yes, for a while it seemed like I had the world by the balls, and I couldn’t put a foot wrong, so maybe it’s just my turn? Losing everything, including control over my own body in the form of addiction, has caused me to look at every decision hyper-critically, in the hopes of climbing out of the hole I’ve dug myself into. I really feel like I’m doing the right things, finally, but getting the wrong results.

It’s nice to have some time to be back here though, so I’ll try to take advantage of it. There’s a few folks that have emailed me over the past several weeks that I want to get back to, and I want to get some more useful content up here for you. I’m hoping that my dark market how-to will be up here in a few days so you can get onto a safer, more reliable way to get your substances. Keep your comments coming, your input and emails keep me motivated to carry on here. Thanks to those who have taken the time to contribute. Let me know how things are going for you out there.

Send Me Something To Make Me Feel Better?

I’m halfway through my training course. It’s a dumpster fire, for sure. Exam is coming near end of April, no idea if any of us will pass. Most of the class doesn’t seem to care that much. The training is paid, so there’s not much skin in the game. I’m the oldest guy there, twice the age of most of them. I don’t know if that’s going to work for, or against me.

I don’t have the energy to write much. I’m up early to be at work for 8am, which isn’t that early. By the time I’m done… I’m done. Still not having a home is depressing, and the market is getting worse. I’m using more sedatives and hypnotics than I can get hold of, and falling back in to drinking just to get by.

The reality of my new “career” is setting in, along with it, the acceptance that I’ll always be broke and retirement will only come when I’ve lived my last day. I feel like the second chance is turning into a cruel ruse to try to keep me alive a little longer.

I’ll try to be here more, but it’s hard when I hit that point of not caring. I had to renew my hosting last week, and it damn near broke me financially and mentally. Not on a hot streak recently. Tell me something to cheer me up?

How Do I Monetize This Thing? What Do You Want To See Here?

Does anyone have any suggestions for monetizing my blog? I’m not getting much traffic outside my one “acetone cocaine wash” page, so I’m not seeing how it would really work. I’m also not sure how to interpret my site statistics. Eventually I’d like to have content worthy of a donate button or patreon, but that’s a looooooong way off. I suppose I’m just looking to make money off something that should be free, which feels kind of greasy.

Is there anything you’d like to see on this blog? I had mentioned doing a how-to on safely extracting codeine from OTC meds such as Tylenol #2 and #3 (separating it from acetaminophen/ASA and caffeine) without using the crappy cold water extraction (CWE) method, but that’s going to take some time to get the resources to verify my results.

There are no shortage of guides to get you on the darkweb and dark markets, but I might do a quick one specifically for Canadians. Most of the process is universal, with the exception of your crypto-currency broker. I’m not an expert, but I can take you through the minimum requirements for security and procedure to get you on the markets and buying anything your heart desires. I was a vendor on the markets for a short time, but that’s another story. Maybe you’d like to hear about that?

Eventually I’d like to get into the interesting period in my life where I was meeting people online and flying around to meet with strangers in hotels. I’ll be putting out some more automotive content for the hell of it, whether you like it or not. Is there anything you want to know, or that I’ve mentioned that you’d like to hear more about? I know I’m largely listening to the sound of my own typing here, but I’m determined to practice for the day that people are actually listening. Ten years from now, someone will be seeing this blog post for the first time and wishing they’d asked me when they had the chance.

Short Personal Update On New Job And What Drugs I’m Doing Today

I start my new job on Monday. I’ll be getting a few months of training, then if I can successfully challenge and pass the apprenticeship exam, I’ll be starting out as a 2nd year apprentice automotive technician at a dealership. I’m a bit terrified about the whole thing. It’s going to be a lot harder work than I’ve been doing, earlier mornings, longer days and less dollars per hour to start. Overall income will probably be the same but I’ll be putting in a lot more hours to get it.

I still don’t feel 100%, and I can’t remember the last time I did. Most normal people have to be at work early in the morning, and seem to manage, but I’m concerned about having to be at work for 8am and actually working a full 8 hour day. Maybe I’m just innately lazy? I had an early morning paper route when I was young (12-17yrs old maybe?), and most of my work experience before self employment involved getting to work by 6am. I was usually hungover or still drunk in that part of the day too, I don’t know how I did it.

I just don’t remember how I felt 10 years ago, but I don’t think I’ve recovered from something yet. I’m down to 4mg of suboxone now, and tapering that has messed with my life for sure. Being on it at higher doses has a definite impact also though, and I don’t know where I’m better off. I’m equally as excited to get off it for good as I am terrified what will happen without it.

I get a handful of 4mg dilaudid (hydromorphone, instant release) every month from a friend, and it’s been interesting to track the changes in how I react to it. I was worried that my tolerance would be forever fucked after the suboxone. As it turns out, this is not going to be the case, it’s actually been dropping exponentially. A few months ago when I had just dropped to 6mg suboxone, I was shooting 12mg of dilaudid and getting a mild buzz off it. I’ve put the needles away and gone back to plugging (hopefully I can make that stick), and now a single 4mg in the ass gives me a buzz.

Here is the kicker though, I don’t like the feeling. I never loved opiates the way some people seem to, I wouldn’t describe them as euphoric necessarily, but now they make me feel gross. When I became addicted, I did like the feeling and don’t recall this shittiness, but it was more about the feelings it stopped than the feelings it gave me. This is not to say I don’t still feel the compulsion to use them, but there are some here most of the time and I don’t fiend them like I do zopiclone. It’s bittersweet. I hope, like getting away from needles, it is something that I can keep up. I’d also say to anyone who is struggling to quit, sometimes it needs to be the right time, and then it will happen. Not to say that effort and the will to do it isn’t a factor, but anytime I’ve accomplished something like this, it was much easier when the time came.

I’m out of zopiclone, and that sucks. I got myself back on the dark web and ordered some, but they can’t come soon enough. I do get them prescribed, but I’m a month away from being able to get more from my doctor. I love these things so much, it’s a bit sad. I wanted to spring for the zolpidem, but they were almost four times the price. I believe those are the ones that are the isomer that you can IV, I’d be curious to try. Anyone else out there like the zopiclones? I’d love to hear your experiences. Maybe there’s some other odd drug you like a little too much?

BMW E46 ZHP/ZAM M-Sport & M-Performance

Here is another obscure, automotive piece. As far as I know, there is no similar repository on the internet for information on this topic, so I want to create one.

The 2004-2006 (E46) BMW ZHP

There is a ton of info on the ZHP on the internet, and most of it is accurate by this point. Since it’s already been so exhaustively covered, I’m going to only offer a quick summary. The ZHP was an option package available on North American 330 models. It was, at its heart, a sport pack 330 with several minor, but interesting changes. It included relatively significant changes in the exhaust, engine control, and cams to pick up a modest ~10hp increase. There were some upgrades to the suspension, specifically the front, employing different control arms. The factory alignment specs were more performance oriented. Most of the other changes were cosmetic, and fairly extensive but subtle. This included standard alcantara interior, M-Tech 2 body kit, an instrument cluster with red needles and a higher redline to reflect the engine management changes, silver or black cube trim in place of wood, and blacked out “shadowline” trim around the windows. The package was rounded out by a set of staggered 18” wheels, which, while attractive, were very heavy and often chided as the reason BMW needed to extract another 10HP from from the venerable M54. Slightly shorter rear end gearing was also standard, boosting acceleration over the standard 330 sport.

This option was available only on 330 sedan, coupe and convertible models. Imola red, a colour otherwise only available on the M3 E46 was also optional.

In Canada, this package was internally known as the ZAM, but known to the public as the M-Performance package. The only difference between the US ZHP and the Canadian ZAM, was the instrument cluster. The Canadian version used the standard sport cluster, as BMW did not make a metric cluster with the red needles and increased indicated redline, although the rev limit was indeed 6,800 rpm, 300 higher than the standard 330.

So far, I haven’t covered anything that isn’t documented on dozens of reliable resources on the internet. While there is still a popular misconception that the ZHP/ZAM is “an M3 without the M3 engine”, which is tragically false, the details and production numbers of the package are otherwise well documented and irrefutable.

The area where things get muddy, is with another model that was widely available in Canada (there were also European variants that are outside my scope, but would love to hear more about), but not sold in the US market. Introduce, the M-Sport.

Firm details, such as production numbers, or available options, for the M-Sport are unavailable, as far as I can find. Anecdotally, however, I can report that the M-Sport was fairly prolific compared to the ZAM, as examples of them can be seen everywhere. So, what is the E46 M-Sport, and why does it matter?

The M-Sport package was available along side of the M-Performance package (ZHP/ZAM) in Canada, from 2003-2006. Cosmetically, it was nearly distinguishable from the ZAM, most of the time. Getting into the mechanics of the two, however, the M-Sport had more in common with other sport models. The M-Sport retained the entire drivetrain of a regular 330 (by 2003 the 6 speed was standard), including the axle ratio, cams, and 6,500rpm redline. It also came standard with leather steering wheel, shift and parking brake boots, instead of alcantara.

Given that in later years, due to durability issues, the ZAM/ZHP were available with leather in place of alcantara, distinguishing the two can be tricky. The only real visual cue that is a dead giveaway is the tailpipe. ZHP/ZAM cars had larger stainless dual tailpipes, while the M-Sport used the 330 chrome rolled tailpipes. The standard wheels on the M-Sport were the 17” 68M, but the 18” 135M, as found on the ZHP/ZAM, were optional. Imola red was also retained for an option on the M-Sport.

So, why is the M-Sport a noteworthy car, given it’s “lesser” status compared to the ZHP/ZAM? Here’s where things get murky, and a little fun. Unlike the ZHP/ZAM package, that was only available on 330 RWD models of the sedan, coupe and convertible, the M-Sport package could be tacked on to almost any E46. In Canada, it’s not uncommon to see M-Sport package wagons, and AWD cars. While the package seemed most popular on 325 and 330 models, it’s been spotted on 320s as well. 320 and 325 cars did not share the more aggressive rear diffuser as the 330, but carried over the rest of the cosmetics.

This opened the door to another unusual variable, the oft maligned SSG transmission. It’s unclear what combination these options might have been available in, so the existence of an AWD Imola red 330 touring with SSG would be speculative, but I have seen some interesting combinations nonetheless. Unfortunately, these are often passed off as ZHP/ZAM cars, sometimes deliberately, sometimes out of ignorance. Running the VIN is the only way to know for sure, looking for the A767 code.

Another interesting note about the M-Sport cars is that they are usually found with tri-colour stitched leather wheel, M/// door sill plates, and M/// dead pedal. I have not been able to confirm that these were on all M-Sport cars, if they were optional, or dealer upgrades. ZHP cars were available with leather/power interior (mine is a US 1/28 Imola/beige leather), while I have not yet seen an M-Sport that didn’t have full leather with power sport seats.

Building a ZHP wagon is a project that’s been undertaken by many in the US, but here in Canada, you can find examples that have much of the work already done. With options like AWD and the wagon body style, these cars represent a great value in the E46 market. Many sellers are unaware that these cars share so many of the components of the sought after ZHP.

Because there is little official information available about the M-Sport package, much of what I’ve compiled is through firsthand experience, and scouring classifieds. If you have any information that supports or casts doubt on what I’ve discussed here, please contact me, or post it in the comments. The more information I can compile about available option combinations on M-Sport cars, the better we can document these fairly common yet obscure cars.

A Very Unfortunate Story. How Could It Have Been Different?

On October 18, 2016, just before 5pm, a tragic car crash occurred in a city near the foot of the Canadian Rockies. A man (allegedly) driving his 17 year old daughter and one of her friends to an appointment, lost control of his small SUV. The vehicle fishtailed, rolled, and all three were ejected.

The daughter was killed at the scene, her friend suffered brain trauma, and the father suffered serious injuries, but recovered. More than three years later, the father is in court, facing numerous charges in connection to the crash.

From reading multiple news reports, I want to review the factors that contributed to the crash. The pieces I want to look at are the following:

1- The father, alleged to be driving (his defense contests that there’s insufficient evidence to prove he was driving at the time), had a blood alcohol level “over 3 times the legal limit”, which would imply greater than 0.24.

2- Based on multiple reports, all three were ejected from the vehicle, suggesting that no seatbelts were worn. I was not able to find a specific report stating as much, but with all parties ejected and confusion about who may have been driving, I’m going to suggest this was the case.

3- The vehicle was traveling as much as 30km/h over the 80km/h speed limit when it started to fishtail, according to accident reconstruction investigators on the scene (there is no mention in news articles about what caused the loss of control).

4- The vehicle was a 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty. Photos from the scene confirm this was the vehicle make, model and year. This becomes important later.

For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to place the impaired father as the driver, as Police contend there is sufficient proof of (some of which is listed in the news reports). Driving drunk impairs judgment and affects reaction time. It’s reasonable to believe this could have been the primary cause of the inputs that caused the loss of control. There’s a reason that impaired driving is a bad idea, and there’s no mystery to this component.

That all occupants were ejected strongly suggests that seatbelts were not in use. For me, this is the most disturbing part of the crash. Again, having seen the photos of the vehicle at the crash scene, it’s certainly conceivable that it was a survivable crash. There is relatively little damage to the vehicle, beyond rollover damage. There were no visible indications of significant passenger compartment intrusion, or fire. Rollovers are where seatbelts do their best work, as ejection significantly increases mortality.

Being vaguely familiar with the section of freeway, traveling at 110km/h on that stretch isn’t necessarily problematic in that it’s not a section with sharp corners. Road conditions, weather and visibility at the time were not reported as factors. 80Km/h roads are typically secondary highway or freeway roads designed for expedited travel, usually with controlled access (no side roads entering or intersections). This particular section was 2 lanes in each direction, separated by a grass median. While traveling 30km/h over that speed is unwise, without another contributing factor, such as traffic, it shouldn’t in itself induce a loss of control. Had the vehicle not been speeding, a loss of control would have been less likely, and the rollover less likely, but not impossible.

The last part is the factor that will be universally overlooked. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed “it’s an SUV, which is prone to rollover”, you’d be wrong. To be clear, yes, SUVs will rollover more easily than a car, but this accident could have happened in a car as well. There’s a specific feature that comes into play in these types of crashes. Electronic stability control. The name varies by manufacturer, but many passenger vehicles manufactured prior to 2007, the year it became mandatory, do not have it. This particular jeep was not equipped with “Electronic Stability Program”.

Stability control is the feature that saves lives every day, but few of us know about or understand. I won’t get into the technical aspect of it in this post, but it’s a rather simple and ingenious system that interacts with your powertrain and braking system, using information from g force sensors, speed and other telemetry data. It will simultaneously limit drive power, and apply braking to individual wheels as soon as certain parameters are triggered. This system, while not infallible, virtually eliminates rollovers caused by loss of rear stability (fishtailing).

In spite of it’s simple operation principle, it is extremely effective in stopping fishtailing, often before the driver is aware of it. During sudden lane changes, it’s not uncommon to see vehicles lose stability in the rear, beginning a pendulum motion of swinging that may become more unstable in spite of correct driver inputs. It’s arguably the most important safety advance since seatbelts, especially because it takes steps to avoid accidents rather than protect occupants during a crash.

This technology was often available on higher end vehicles in the 90’s, but it wasn’t until 2006/7 that it became mandatory in most markets. It’s often derided by those who see themselves as above average drivers, discounted as a “driving nanny”. The stability control system has access to information, and ability to actuate systems, that the driver simply can’t. There is no provision for even the best driver to apply brake force to an individual wheel, or calculate yaw while measuring individual wheel speeds. If you dislike stability control, you probably don’t understand how it works or why it’s necessary.

This safety feature could have saved countless lives in now preventable crashes. Next, I want to talk a bit more about the technical side of it, as well as providing some video examples of accidents that could have been avoided with stability control. Hint: almost every super-car crash/fail video starts with the driver disabling the system by pressing the button.

I hope you found this article worth reading. I’m going to try to change things up more and post some different stories that you might find entertaining or informative.

I Got The Fucking Thing

I don’t know what to call it, it’s not really a job. It’s some paid training and an apprenticeship. The thing that I decided when I was 18, was a bad idea… at 43, I’m doing it now.

Amazingly, it’s a cut in pay for the shit job I do now. Because it’s a structured apprenticeship, there’s not much room to move on the wage either for the first couple years. I wasn’t making a lot more than minimum wage, but it was almost $3/hr more than what I’m going to. In theory, 3-4 years down the road it will be a different picture.

It essentially means I’m going back to school, which doesn’t excite me, but maybe it will get me a little closer to where I always dreamed I’d be. I still would rather be a writer, some sort of artist, but there’s no prospect on that front. I can’t even afford to keep this website going. The nominal hosting and domain renewal is breaking me. That’s kind of sad.

I won’t ask for donations because there’s no content on here worth any money yet, but I’m going to try to make it worth something in the future. Maybe I’ll switch to a more automotive theme, and if any money comes in I’ll get back to some drug chemistry and trip reports.

I have some requests for safer codeine extraction method, safer than cold water extraction (CWE), that I have used myself but haven’t been able to test it enough to confidently discuss it on the internet. I have some other topics on harm reduction and experience maximization I’d like to explore, but being broke is an impediment.

On the topic of drugs, I’m two days in to my latest suboxone taper, now at 4mg. I know next week is going to be hard. I’m pretty much limited to 1mg drops, and that’s accounting for an increasingly larger percentage of my dose. I’m tired of being sick from the taper, but at least equally tired of being tied to daily witnessed doses.

That’s it for today, fuck everything.