How to cocaine acetone wash, quick and easy!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The ghetto guide to acetone wash your gear. I can’t take credit or the original concept, someone by the name of LeJunk seems to be widely referenced as the first to make this information widely available. If there are other credits due, let me know and I’ll add them.
What I am going to do is make the procedure a little more user-friendly and quicker for you. Many will tell you that speeding up the process is a bad idea, cutting corners is unwise and so on. I will tell you that I’ve done this enough times that I speak from personal experience in saying that it works just fine.
Here’s the concept. Your gear, even if it hasn’t been stomped by unscrupulous dealers, even if it’s whacked right off the brick, contains cuts that detract from the enjoyment. Going right to the beginning stages, producers have a mandate of producing a pure product at a reasonable cost. In bulk processing, as you can imagine, there’s diminishing returns on money and time spent on the final purification steps.
What we’re doing with an acetone wash is removing as much of the unnecessary content as possible, especially any active compounds. The whole process is based on a neat principle; cocaine is insoluble in acetone. As an aside, you’ll often hear the tired old scare tactics about this drug or that being “made with battery acid” or other horrible sounding chemicals. Well, this is where that tripe originates. The purification of many compounds involves chemistry, where certain chemicals are required to either react or dissolve specifically to an end result.
If you’ve ever worked with acetone, you know it dissolves a lot of different things. Although water is technically the “universal solvent”, acetone surely is a runner-up as a dissolver of worlds. It’s worth noting here that cocaine is very soluble in water, and brings us to really the only important detail in the preparation. Acetone will absorb moisture from the air, and depending on the application, the water content in your acetone is insignificant. Most general purpose uses of acetone won’t be sensitive to a little water.
This is why it’s important to get the right acetone. Take the time to go to a chemical wholesaler and buy your acetone there. Even a cleaning supply might do the trick, but chemical supply companies are everywhere, the acetone will be cheaper, have no contaminants and be anhydrous. Yes, you can use department store acetone, but it’s of a lower grade, may contain water and other nasty chemicals. Anhydrous (meaning without water) acetone is rarely sold as such, so rather than look silly at the chemical supply, just ask for tech grade.
Tech grade will be anhydrous and is usually repackaged into smaller containers from bulk drums of a higher grade, so you might actually be getting a reagent quality acetone, but depending on how it’s repackaged, it may no longer be certifiable as reagent. There is a method to remove moisture from acetone of unknown origin, but it’s more trouble than you need to go to. Just get the right stuff to start. Keep it tightly capped when not in use to keep moisture out. If there is water in your acetone, it will dissolve some of your product, and it will be lost. Not the end of the world, depending on how much moisture is present.
If you want to estimate the purity of your product, you’ll need a scale, which you should have anyway. A $20 Amazon scale is fine, get one that measures a gram to 3 decimal points. Other equipment you’ll need for your acetone wash:
-sheet of printer paper
-glass jar
-small glass or stainless bowl
-aluminum foil
-toaster oven @~175*F (pyrex or microwave turntable plate with heat gun or marble slab heated in the oven will work also)
-credit card, razor blade, small stiff bristle brush

I recommend drying your cocaine prior to starting your acetone wash. Cocaine is hygroscopic and will get sticky in humid environments. This poses 2 problems, first being that it essentially introduces water into the acetone when you mix it, the second is that it throws off your starting weight. Dry in the toaster oven or on a hot plate or slab until it’s very powdery and dry. Break up all lumps and make sure it’s dry, then weigh it and write down the weight.
Dump the dry cocaine into a small bowl. Add enough acetone to cover the powder, you don’t need a lot but adding too much won’t hurt. Stir the mixture, and if you’re lucky, you won’t notice much of it disappear. Anything that disappears isn’t cocaine.
Using the printer paper, make a cone type filter in the mouth of the glass jar. I find tearing the paper to square first help. You’ll want to make sure that there’s no way for the mixture to flow through any seams or folds, so use your thinking cap on how you make your cone. Ideally, you’ll want the cone to be able to hold the entire contents of the bowl.
Stir up the contents of the bowl, pour it into the funnel, and use a bit more acetone to rinse any residue from the bowl. Wait. The acetone that drips through the paper is washing out soluble contaminants and cuts. While you’re waiting, you’ll no doubt be wondering why a coffee filter wouldn’t be better? It will make more sense later, but in short, since you’re capturing the filtrate as product rather than removing it to discard, a coffee filter or lab filter paper will hold onto much of your precious blow. The smooth surface of general purpose paper keeps most of the good stuff on the surface. I’ve done it with looseleaf also, and it works ok.
It’s normal to notice a blueish ring around the paper where the acetone reaches. Can’t tell you what it is or why, only that it’s normal. Once most of the acetone is dripped through, the remaining paste is your prize. Very carefully flatten out your paper. Being hamfisted here will cause the paper to “pop” and your cocaine to go flying. Once it’s flat, and the paper is dry (not dripping acetone), put it into the preheated oven. I recommend turning the oven off when you do this as if there is any acetone that drips onto a hot element, your day is ruined as well as your acetone wash. It’s not nearly as dangerous as it sounds, the acetone is very volatile and will evaporate quickly. After a few minutes in the oven you can turn the heat back on low, and if you’re very impatient, try to break up the chunk. Again, this can result in flying cocaine, so be careful.
Once it’s mostly dry, you’ll want a smooth glass or nonporous surface you can work the powder over to break it up again. If this surface is hot, the process goes much quicker. I use a pyrex plate that I keep on top of the toaster oven, a marble slab or pizza stone would also work. As you work the cocaine over the hot surface, the acetone rapidly vaporizes. And I mean rapidly. Drying your cocaine for 24 hours sounds great, but is entirely unnecessary if you work it over and use the right heat.
Once it’s thoroughly dry, collect and weigh it again. That number, divided by your starting weight will give you the approximate purity. Caveats: Levamisole, as mentioned in earlier posts, is not soluble in acetone and will not be removed if present. My own experiments have shown that certain binders and fillers found in pills such as Tylenol or aspirin are also not entirely soluble. That means if your dealer is grinding up Tylenol to cut your coke, some of the filler will come through after the acetone wash. This acetone wash will remove MOST active cuts, however. Even acetone washing really good coke, at 85%, I have found makes it much easier on the sinuses.
After you’ve done this a few times, the process shouldn’t take more than an hour. That means that you can go out, buy your 8 ball, and within an hour be enjoying the best coke of your life. You can also call your dealer the same night to inform him that his shit isn’t the best or as pure as he claims. It never is. Using this acetone wash procedure will change the way you enjoy cocaine, and turn you into a cocaine snob. You’ll get to experience the smooth, subtle euphoric and relaxing, yes, relaxing, sensation that made coke king but has been long lost to generations of deprived users. No more agitation, craving, compulsive redosing or edginess. It’s also much easier on the sinuses.
I guarantee you will impress your friends with this shit, but expect to encounter the occasional holdout (hater) that insists it’s not good because they are actually used to doing speed Tylenol and ephedrine that they think is cocaine. While you can simply follow the instructions as laid out, taking a few minutes to understand how the process really works, as well as it’s limitations will allow you to tailor it to fit your own preferences and resources.
This is a guide, you are responsible for taking any and all safety precautions, testing (including testing for fentanyl, get some test strips), and responsible use. If you fuck up a zip of cocaine, set yourself on fire, burn your home or your sinus, get high, don’t get high, go to jail or poison yourself, as flattered as I’d be, I must decline responsibility. Fucking with flammable, volatile and illegal chemicals is inherently risky. If this is something you need to be told, you should probably just forget the whole acetone wash idea.
Next, we’re going to talk about routes of administration, we’ve but scratched the surface of cocaine enjoyment.

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  1. Is it normal to have alot of product stuck to sides of paper filter? After filter was dried I unfolded filter flat on a large mirror and using a razor I’d scrap filter. I’d get alot of product off paper. BTW first time I used hardware store acetone, was left with less than 10% of 8ball. I hope it was cheap acetone . I did do like lejunks with Epson salt etc.

    1. I just use the foil for holding the product. My scale doesn’t have a tray, so a piece of foil is easy to work with.

      1. I’m not sure if you realize this or not but it’s not clear as to where your can leave a comment on your blog. I’ve read through a few pages and I’ve wanted to reply to your entries multiple times but couldn’t only place under found able to do that is here. Sounds to me like you need some help, if you want Help I know where you can get it but just depends how desperate you are to get out of your current situation. I’ve felt many of the same feelings of desperation, irritability, restlessness and discontent in the past. Things can change and there is ways to do it but you are right you must be reprogrammed. Lmk

    1. Thank you! If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see for future content, let me know. I also want to run some reader contributions so if you have any content or stories you want to share, I’d love to hear.

  2. How much difference will using hardware store acetone make?
    There are no chemical shops where I live. I read that you can use Ethanol as an alternative which is probably easier for me to get as there are plenty of people with stills around here. 🙂
    Any ides what is better?

    1. I have heard ethanol works on the same principle but haven’t tried it. Hardware store acetone can work, the only variables would be possible moisture content (there is a way to remove water from acetone using mothballs I think) and the possibility of contaminants depending on the purity. There might be trace metals or other contents in lower grade acetone that you might end up ingesting. For snorting, it’s probably not a big deal, but if you’re injecting I’d do some research into a particular brand. I know some people have found and used acetone from stores that work OK but don’t know a brand in particular. Obviously, if there’s anything else listed as contents it would be an issue, but if it’s 100% acetone it should work in a pinch.

  3. I’m going to try this soon, but I’m having trouble online fnding a place around where I live that sells good acetone (like what you have pictured).
    What are since of the store names you know that sell it?
    And what about acetone from a Walgreens/CVS store that’s nail polish remover pretty much?

    1. If it’s any consolation, the concentration of the Klean-Strip brand of acetone is (according to the MSDS, anyway) is 100%. You can find it at all of the major hardware stores and Wally World as well. I used to work at one of the major chains, and would get the stuff for my dealer. One thing to note however, is that the metal container that the acetone is packaged in tends to rust over time, so I’d advise transferring it to a glass or otherwise non-oxidizing, air-tight container if you’re not running a major major operation and are more of a recreational user. Forget the nail polish remover; it has a high water content and other crud. I hope this helps. (you want page 2)

    2. anything 95% like in shops think about it, for every 10ml of acetone u have 0.5ml capable of dissolving 0.5grams of coke every 10ml u use .. not gonna getfar eh

  4. Disregard my last comment, that was a dumb question haha.
    Another question though: What about using ether?
    Are there better methods that take longer? If so, I’d love to hear about one

    1. It’s possible ether could work, I’m not familiar with the efficacy on cocaine, but it is usable in similar procedures for other substances. Hardware store acetone can work, only wildcards are water content and content of heavy metals and other trace contaminants. There is a process to dehydrate acetone using mothballs if you google it. Lower grades of acetone might contain industrial contaminants or metals in small traces that could be left behind in the finished product. It’s not a deal breaker but could be a consideration if you’re using large quantities or injecting it as ROA. Chemical wholesalers are in most major cities and have retail stores where you can ask for specific grades of product. If you email me with your location (approximately) I might be able to suggest a source. Good luck@

  5. It works but don’t expect miracles. The worst cut is Levamisole and it has been found in 82% of cocaine seized in 2011. It can create all sorts of serious problems – lower white blood cells, Skin lesions, joint problems. It is dangerous, and it is in most of it. Look it up. Acetone does nothing to remove it. Also counter to this article, cocaine can seem dry and still have acetone and give you a horrible headache and feeling.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Depending on where you live, there are labs that will analyze samples of drugs either for free or a nominal fee. It’s a good idea to periodically check your raw materials for things like levamisole or fentanyl. Knowing what you’re starting with, or what is commonly used in your area, will arm you with the info you need. There are a number of things that acetone doesn’t touch. It’s often easier to find a new source than it is to remove levamisole, although it is possible. I’ve never encountered dried product still containing acetone, but I expect it would indeed have unpleasant effects.

    1. The short answer is to use an acid. Most folks use vinegar because it’s readily available. Citric acid is a much better choice, and almost as readily available. It’s used in food production and can be found in health food stores and other random spots. The acid you use will dictate the type of salt you get. You can end up with acetate, HCL (usually the most desirable), citrate and so on. Citrate is highly bioavailable, and anecdotally has been said to make a better shot than HCL when it comes to cocaine. As you add citric acid to cocaine and water, it will dissolve and start smelling like coke again. Don’t use too much acid of any type or you’ll pray for death when you shoot it. A dab on the tongue will give you a rough idea of pH, although litmus test is best. Thanks for the question, I hope that helps. I might do a deeper dive on it in another post.

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  7. hi, I think there are more precise method for cleaning most cuts, however you might end up with zero cocaine after all is done, and it’s not a pleasant feeling.
    Now a days the dealers use lots of Caine’s (procaine, lidocaine, benzocaine,…) all give u the numbness with out any euphoria.
    U have to be super lucky to get a coke after just one pass of acetone wash.

    1. If there’s coke in the starting product, you’ll have coke after the first pass. Cocaine doesn’t dissolve in acetone, so it’s pretty close to foolproof. Sure, there are lots of other solvents that will remove different cuts, based on similar principles, but the acetone is the best bang for the buck I’ve used. I’d love to hear other methods though. Post up your technique and I’ll feature it in a blog post for folks to try.

      1. I tried the method. Had 1g of dealer coke, it came out as 0.55g purified. I’m pretty positive that the initial product had other agents in it as I felt my heart beating pretty hard after a few lines. However, the clean product really feels like the good stuff. Finger test gives oily sensation, and no more excessive heart beats. Thanks for this awesome tutorial (I did it in 20 mins)!

      2. iagree with query above lidocaines test in most of my stuff or benzoocaines i cant differ on test but know its from the group, does acetone touch these?

  8. Just wondering if the acetone would evaporate on it’s own if you skipped the step of putting the cocaine in the oven and just let it sit out for a couple of days. Just wondering because the first couple of steps would be no problem but finding a time I could use the oven without anyone looking over my shoulder is tough.

    1. Absolutely, the acetone is volatile enough that it will evaporate at room temperature over time. One thing to watch though is that pure cocaine is highly hygroscopic, meaning it will attract moisture in the air. This can lead to clumpy, sticky coke if the relative humidity is high enough. I prefer my blow dry, so if I encounter this (it’s common on the humid coast), I’ll just work it on a hot stone (plate or other hard surface) for a few seconds to dry it out.

  9. CVS sells pure acetone water free for nail polish removal , I’m sure more expensive than bulk but I typically use about 8 ounces acetone per 8 ball , CVS bottle has 16 ounces.

    Note: my last 8 yielded 70% recovery, I would love if we start posting out yields off this method so we can get a feel.

  10. I did this trick on my last two 8-balls. The First yielded 70%, the second yielded 80%. This calculation is the weight of finished product divided by the dried out weight (each lost about 0.3g moisture of the 3.5g) . Location, southeast United States.

    And the finished product was sublime, very impressive, I would say almost as good (But unfortunately still a close second) as what I had in my two experiences in Cartagena, Colombia.

    It would be great if everybody posted their yields to get an idea of what is really out there.

    1. Thanks for sharing this! I’d love to hear from folks who have done the wash, what their yield and experience was, and what part of the world they’re in. I’m so glad it worked out. There’s no beating the real thing though, washing will always be a “next best” to being made right from the beginning!

  11. In my cup there is white powder at the bottom after the acetone evaporates and the product is filtered, is that all cuts? Not sure to use it or throw it out so I have it aside and haven’t touched it

    1. You’re correct, anything that precipitates out of the acetone after the acetone evaporates, is some sort of soluble cut. This is assuming that your filter paper didn’t let any product get through somehow. Otherwise, anything in the acetone would have been dissolved, and if it dissolved, it wasn’t cocaine. It’s normal to find such residue after the acetone evaporates, and is an indicator of some of the impurities removed. Sounds like you nailed it!

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    1. I used a wordpress plugin, no html skills required. Back in the early 90s I was building shitty websites on Tripod and geocities using HTML, but haven’t had to use that in a long time. I think that coding/html experience would make things much better, but I’m straightup using plugins and templates. Good luck, thanks for the comment!

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  16. How can you be sure it’s dry and safe to use? Is it dangerous if some acetone is inhaled accidentally if it wasn’t fully dried?

    1. Inhaling acetone is surely not a good idea. Because it’s highly volatile (meaning, evaporates rapidly under normal atmospheric conditions), it’s quite easy to remove from the remaining powder. In the final step where I work the product with a plastic card on a warm surface, final traces of acetone are released into the air. The longer the time taken to dry it, and the more physical working of the powder, the drier it will become in a short period. Some folks suggest that it should be “baked” at low temps for several hours, but I have found this to be unnecessary. A few minutes of chopping on a “hot” surface (not too hot to touch) quickly dries out the powder. Cocaine will always have a slightly earthy, solvent smell, but you will be able to tell when the acetone has dissipated. Dry the powder thoroughly, and inhale very gently. Extra dry powder works best in the sinus, not the back of the throat. Velocity is key!

  17. Awesome blog, here in Australia quality is hard to find. Oh how I yearn for my Berkeley days and decent gear again (late 70s). Will definitely try this. One used to be able to buy freebase kits in the 70s. Wish I could remember how to make it. Does it involve using an acid and base? Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. As far as using acids and bases with respect to cocaine, either can be used to change the state, which depends on your intended route of administration. Generally, freebase needs to be smoked. Depending on how you arrive at this state, and the terminology where you live, this is “crack”. You can turn cocaine (usually in HCL/salt form) into freebase through chemical reaction with baking soda, sodium hydroxide, etc. If you’re insufflating or injecting, you need a “salt” form. In this case you can take “crack”/ freebase, and make it into a usable form with an acid. Vinegar is often used, because of it’s availability. Citric acid is generally preferred. Depending on what acid you use, you’ll get a citrate, HCL, etc. Anecdotally, some of these are better for certain ROA or effect than others. I wish there was more hard data on it, rather than uncontrolled experimentation. Bottom line is that your process will depend on your ROA, whether you prefer to smoke, or inhale/inject.

    2. Jimmie, I also wanted ask how hard it really is to get stuff in Australia? I’m in Canada, which is on a lot of “no fly” lists for international suppliers, but AU seems to be the gold standard of impenetrability. I rely on the dark web for a lot of product, and I see many places won’t ship to Australia.

      1. Ohio here, Excellent no Bullshit read. I’ve been internet “researching” for quite a while and this is hands down the best. Could you point me in the right direction for the dark web. There is a lot of mis information and well, trust issues. I have not a clue. Thank you for the time you have taken to inform people on this. I am so excited to try the wash and actually have the natural feeling coke is suppose to be.

        1. Thanks for taking the time to say hi, I’m glad you found the info useful. I try to be careful not to spread misinformation or pass off anything I haven’t done myself. I’m working on a quick how-to for the darknet. You can get started by downloading TOR browser (Just google TOR browser and it will be the first hit you see. It requires you have Firefox, so if you don’t have that, you’ll need to get that also). Once you get TOR browser running, go to the link http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/ and you can see a list of markets. I’d recommend starting with Empire market. Register as a new user (make sure you write down any PIN/Password somewhere safe) and then you you can start browsing the market. I’ll get into how to use it in the how-to. TOR browsing the markets can be slow and frustrating during peak usage times, and markets rotate through URLs for security, so sometimes patience is required waiting for pages to load. Good luck!

  18. Nice read, laboratory grade acetone AR, would be best in my option, same as anything doing well, quality Chemicals is like food , quality ingredients makes all the difference, I must admit I would love to be able to make top notch freebase, for many meth users this is also good advice to wash with acetone. , and see how much shit they put in that ,
    Greets spaceworx

    1. Thanks for the comment! The wholesaler I use packages their reagent grade acetone from laboratory grade bulk containers. They do this with several products, including citric acid. Because they repackage it in their facility, it doesn’t meet requirements for lab/food grade. The higher the quality the better though, some low grade acetone can contain heavy metals and other stuff you don’t want in your body. Water content is also more of a problem with cheap acetone, which will cost you product. Like you say with any good recipe: good ingredients! Washing with acetone and alcohol which are relatively easy to get, opens up a lot of doors with many substances. Codeine is also insoluble in acetone. I’ve been trying to get access to lab gear to show that acetone washing T2s is safer than the cold water extraction CWE that’s so popular. In principle, it’s sound, and I’ve done it myself many times, but I can’t suggest anyone try it without tests to back it up. Sorry for the tangent, you got me rambling. Good to hear from you spaceworx!

  19. Hello. I performed your process and must say your accuracy was spot on. 71% recovery and the end product was sublime. I must say, whatever is being used as cut really kills my sinuses and this “cleaned” version is so much easier on me. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad it worked for you. I’ve done washes on product that came back around 90%, and it still made a noticeable improvement in how my sinuses reacted. I think even really good blow can benefit from a wash. I suspect that it’s just a little extra refinement than it gets when it’s originally processed and takes out some harshness. My sinuses are pretty sensitive so this made a big difference for me. Do you use both nostrils to spread it out or just use one to keep the other clear? I went to using just one after too many sleepless nights with both sinuses plugged.

  20. I tried the method. Had 1g of dealer coke, it came out as 0.55g purified. I’m pretty positive that the initial product had other agents in it as I felt my heart beating pretty hard after a few lines. However, the clean product really feels like the good stuff. Finger test gives oily sensation, and no more excessive heart beats. Thanks for this awesome tutorial (I did it in 20 mins)!

  21. end of day guys , this was great read , but missing lots of points, the acetone is basically what they did before sending it out , now think if you do have anhydrous acetone and btw the 99.9% stuff on ebay or local shop isnt properly regulated , . so good point use proper supplier only.
    if the acetone wash removed all it can and left what it cant , lets say it removed lidocaine but left paracetemol and u get like my first wash last time . ( direct from brick , supposedly 80-85% from a long trusted friend who shows me his cut techiques which arent powders) so my gram had say 85% to start with so 0.85g off the 100 i paid say, makes it really 115 a gram to start, if we wash 20% out first wash with our pure cetone, its now 0.68g for our 100 so effectively now 150 a g, what happens if we wash it again, if the theory above is right u should get back the same 0.68g forever no?.. try it , that wont happen,, try it ten times , the first 4 it will decrease again and again prob another 10% as an estimate so now its 0.58g for our 100 .. getting on for 200a g now (if u paid 100 of course).. now all weve done so far is eliminate what the wash can do , roughly half of my stuff has a pharmy pill in it to some extent normally paracetemol or aspirin.. this then has to have another stage, its norm 5%-10% .. so now we are over 200 for our g. if u do manage to identify the filler and get your ten percent , it used to be amphets and some still are u then need a final wash. all that without a mistake , dont leave it to get paper t wet or ull be scraping paper into the coke making ure own filler .
    i do have one question that im ignorant to , how does one remove fentanyl, i hear for some reason in the u.s dealers r either nuts or stupid and think its a cut ? anyone
    btw the easiest method ignoring all of this is a hot plate , they all seperate at different temperatures to the exact degree . ta guys jay

    1. Thanks for the comment. There are losses with every time you filter, it depends on the materials you’re using. The filter paper I use, combined with my particular technique will cost a fixed number of mg. You can wash your cocaine completely away with multiple washes because there are always process losses. The stuff that sticks to the filter paper etc. This is mostly noticeable when washing small batches.
      Your math is the argument to buy the best coke you can. Cheap coke is never a bargain, because it’s mostly not coke. Here, you can buy a g for $60 or $110. Wash them both, your price per gram is close to $200 for the cheap, maybe $120 for the good. Removal of fentanyl is something I’m working on. Biggest problem is that it appears it may be analogue dependent. The testing for this is enormously expensive, and I just don’t have the resources to give a safe answer.

  22. Hey, so For the first time I decided to put the stuff in the toaster oven on low heat, it turned into goo, mind you this is after doing the wash, dry break up and wash again, and on the 2nd dry I left it in the oven longer, and it was sticky as hell… I then scraped it up put it in a baggie and put a decanter pack in the baggie to help dry it out… later I tried to crush it up into powder but it was nasty stuff man. Is that sticky goo that turned into almost like dried up superglue, is that the levamisole? or is that coke? we did a test on the original product and the kit detected amphetamine and levamasol (we think). So essentially I’m trying to get rid of the amphetamine as much as possible. Please let me know more details of what to expect. Also, I dunno but I got a nasal infection and lost my sense of smell. I’m hoping it’s temporary. do you think that if I use decanters versus oven that acetone is burning my nose? I‘ve be been experimenting with this process a few times,’with and without the oven. Thanks

    1. Hey Moonbeam, thanks for posting up your results. I encountered something very similar to this only a couple months ago. I’m fairly confident that it’s not levamisole that causes this issue though. The last time it happened, it was cut very poorly by someone who didn’t give a fuck. I suspect it might be something used as a bulking agent that came from a pharmacy or grocery store. Whatever it is, reacts to the acetone almost like plastic would. It turns sticky, and no amount of drying seems to save it. In my case, it turned almost beige in colour. I believe the cut is inert, as I tried the gooey mess and didn’t detect any physiological effects outside what I’d expect from cocaine. My guess is that it’s something cheap and readily available, maybe a whey powder or some kind of crushed up supplement. I’ve seen people cut with ground up tylenol, antacids and just about anything else you might find in a kitchen. Whatever it is you have should be mostly clear of amphetamines, but to get rid of levamisole, you need to use chloroform or hexane. I find it’s effort better spent on finding a supplier that doesn’t have levamisole to begin with, but that’s not always an option. Anyway, thanks again for contributing. Comments like yours make this a better resource for everyone!

  23. Ya you know what, I think you’re right it could be a little bit of inert powder, I’ve finally dried it up and ground it down to a fine dust. I would say that it gives me more of a headache in this final product. So it was two washes and two cooks, on the second cook it was over a half hour and it started to bubble and turn slightly beige almost brown. there were some parts that did not melt into goo. The goo did dry, it numbs ur mouth very well but I’ve still got this sinus infection. I regained some of my sense of smell. The original yield was 86% on the first wash, second yield is inaccurate as I had experimented with some of the product and I did not weigh it again before 2nd wash/dry. But I basically went from. 1.806g to a little over .9g. I’m honestly afraid to do this stuff, i get a headache so Im not sure I should continue… expensive experiment. Beginning product not good. Oh well. Thank you

  24. Love all this information! The acetone wash works amazing on my sensitive sinus. There is a way to make acetone anhydrous with Epsom salts and is an easy process but who knows what else is in it.

    My question-
    What else can be used as a wash to further remove cuts? I did a bleach test and found that while there was no red or yellow color to be concerned about, there was a good amount of sludge that built up on the bottom of the glass. My understanding is this means additional cuts that didn’t get removed from the acetone. Any thoughts, advice, or knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you so much for this information. I tried doing this with a baggie I just picked up. However, I accidentally set the oven at 250 instead of 175. The product came out brownish. Is it ruined? Thanks

      1. I’d guess that some remaining inert cut reacted to the higher temp. I have reports of several cases of a particular cut turning the product brown/tan and often sticky as a reaction to the acetone wash itself. Your coke is in there, likely unharmed. You could try dissolving it in some distilled water, filtering and then drying the solution on a pan. My guess is that whatever turned brown might also dissolve in water, which will just waste time and cocaine. When it happened to me, I dried it and tried it. The off colour didn’t affect the product beyond an unusual aftertaste. This method it far from bulletproof. If anyone out there has suggestions or improvements, please share! Anything we can learn collectively is a big help! Thanks!

  25. Just done this. Perfect. No nose hurt. No snot, and the gear i got which i was told was mega pure turned out to be 70%. Which aint bad but it was cut with something that gave me the sneezes and an almost instant blocked nose.

    Just had a couple of lines of my new washed, and atm ive got a big grin, clear nose and a warm feeling.

    Me and a mate are about to buy a P5 off 4 diff dealers to see whos is best.

    Cheers for this guide.

    P.s me and my mate are now fully fledged coke snobs. Not doing any again until ive washed it!

    1. Also, any newbies reading. Its very easy to follow and i managed to go from 1st weight to trying washed and dried in 1 hour.

      Do not do any of the process unless you have a face mask and gloves (marigolds!). The tech grade acetone will knock you out without a facemask and you really do not want it on your skin.

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